Ritualistic Conformity

Humans herd.
We follow one another while laughing at sheep.

Humans are easily addicted 
to conformity and ritual through fear of rejection.
We often leave our brains at the door.

Of course, we all conform to decent standards of kindness
to get along with one another, but this can easily become
a weapon of curtain-twitching* dictatorship.

People (even authorities) are so confused about 
the right things to do and the right things to follow
that they exaggerate and make up rules, 
becoming obsessed with the need for conformity.

We have to know our own minds before it’s too late. 
Unaware of how we have spent our precious life,
we think, “I did it myyyyy wayyyyy!”

*curtain-twitching: neighbours informing on others.

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