Stay A Little Bit Longer
Stay relaxed and aware just a bit longer.

The essence of our being – consciousness – may be realised in a second by just being aware, coming into the present moment. Then, all we do is rest a little bit longer. That moment of awareness is bright, doing nothing but resting in clarity itself. It is interested in nothing, just empty unbiased cognisance. This isn’t being super-alert; it is a relaxed state of awareness, without any feeling of flight, fight or freeze (the 3Fs. 😀 ) The 3Fs of our primitive reptilian brain come along a milli-moment later, and we continue to be the usual type of creature running around on this planet.

The essence of consciousness (what we truly are) is aware of this physical world through the senses, but has ignored or forgotten the source of realisation; consciousness.

Enjoying the senses is fine because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We appreciate being alive. In reality, those senses are non-conceptual – they just hear, see, smell, taste and touch, and are present just before the 3F’s cause us to become active, excited, fearful or indifferent. 

Playing with the senses, however, fascinates us and we create our own narrative, our own world in our own imagination. This is compounded by adopting others’ imaginary worlds in addition to our own, and thus we stay a little bit longer.

It is here that we have a choice.

Meditation is being aware of awareness (or consciousness), while dropping or letting go of that awareness of the senses and the imaginary world we have created. In fact, we also drop the meditation – and stay there a little bit longer. No one became enlightened by meditating – they became enlightened through dropping the meditation and staying there!

We try it for a second – which is actually a long time – and find that this has a feeling of resolution. It’s a relief that we have to do nothing. Once that relief is recognised, we may be inclined to stay a little bit longer. Realisation is recognising that this is it … and letting go.

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