Obscuring The Truth

The truth itself isn’t extremely subtle; 
it is that which is obscuring the truth that is extremely subtle. 

Pure consciousness is what we are; it sees every moment that we think we are seeing, surveying without comment. It has done so since birth. It’s not holy. It’s whole and complete consciousness. 

Most traditions suggest that pure consciousness is a rare, esoteric event that deserves special language and rituals. It doesn’t! All that leads us astray. Those things are for the materialistic spiritual mind (spiritual materialism) that is content just to follow, counting prayers and mantras. For those who are actually looking, they realise that they see, and no longer need elaborations.

Esoteric are the few who realise. Exoteric are the many who theorise.

Esoteric is the actual recognition and realisation of our true nature. For those who merely follow, the esoteric teachings remain at the level of the exoteric; even though it may appear that we are receiving esoteric teachings, they are received as exoteric theories. 

At every moment, we are Buddha but, at every moment, we ignore this truth. We are so indoctrinated with material ‘facts’ and spiritual ‘facts’ that we assume we know. It is that which distracts pure consciousness that is extremely subtle. Choosing to look no further, we become attached to a particular teaching, separating ourselves from others; in this way, we maintain our likes and dislikes, and thus lack compassion. 

This is Mara working extremely subtly in all situations.
Mara: the personification of evil, opposed to enlightenment.

The 19th-century poet Charles-Pierre Baudelaire wrote: 
“The devil’s deepest wile is to persuade us that he (it) does not exist.” 

Many fall into the notion that the Devil or Mara does not exist. The attempt to do away with the idea of the Devil (or evil intent) has led many to reject their divine nature along with any moral boundaries in favour of obsequiousness – being obedient an excessive degree to something less than truth. Mara is clinging to our own likes and dislikes. 

By concealing the identity of the Devil (our own likes and dislikes) we turn away from esoteric truth to exoteric attention-seeking. Isn’t that exactly what demonic intent wants?

Like a criminal boss, the Devil conceals its identity in order to achieve its objective. What is that objective? To enslave.

The truth itself isn’t extremely subtle; 
it is that which is obscuring the truth that is extremely subtle. 

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