Empathetic Entities 

Entity: from late Latin ens, ent- ‘being’ – (intelligent)
Being: essence of a person.
Essence of person: pure consciousness.

Words may stir consciousness, but it is the spacious acknowledgement behind the words that illumines consciousness. There are qualities within a person that express truth without words.

Due to karmic propensities of cause and effect, a timeless entity of consciousness passes time in an appropriate body, but we are, ultimately, beyond these karmic propensities of habitual behaviour. Teachings on entity – pure being – merely show us how to learn from karma, as it is karma that keeps us bound to a pattern.

We may say that we are free to chose but, in reality, our choices are the result of habit. We are so much more than the sum of our ideas. Our view will affect how we live.

Choose battles wisely. Be selective of the problems and confrontations. Focus on the most important aspect – the thing that matters – and let go of the rest. We are here to acknowledge what we all are and, when we realise this, empathetic compassion arises. To get into someone else’s head, we look into our own mind first, and remember.

This embodiment is an expression of the quality of entity.

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