Ever Wondered About Modern Warfare?

A few bombs, bullets and missiles here and there
but the weapon of choice is information.
The modern tactic; disinformation and reaction.

Create disharmony and fear,
and people will fight one another
and surrender their freedom.

If this is true,
we are at war.

If that is true,
we have been at war
for millennia.

If this is true,
we are being encouraged to war with ourselves.

If that is true,
we distract our ability to know our true nature.

The devil’s ways work,
and go unnoticed.

Our task is to see the devil in action.
The devil is our own likes and dislikes
that are used against us.

Still want to raise to the top of the pile?

It is a war on common sense;
seeing things are they are,
rather than being told how they are.

You may ask why?
When we are not in control of ourselves,
someone else is!

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