Am I Wrong Or Am I Perfect?

This I is an accumulation from past experiences and reactions that has resulted in present doubt and confusion. I do this, say that, and think this, while regretting all the things I did, said, and thought.

None of this, however, is what I am. What am I? Pure consciousness that just sees. This consciousness cannot be found, or even realised; realisation is a phenomenon following the experiencing of non-dual pure consciousness. Moreover, this accumulation of confusion is our path to enlightenment, transcending this precise confusion.

Acknowledging this,
may confidence and peace and peace be everywhere.

There is a rightness about our mistakenness in that, if we ignore this, that will happen. Noting this, ignorance drops away,  and “we are free in the moment of seeing.”

The Isha Upanishad
That is perfect; this is perfect; perfect comes from perfect.
Take perfect from perfect, the remainder is perfect.
May peace and peace and peace be everywhere.

Truth isn’t old;
it’s timeless.

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