Esoteric Teachings In The West

We live in a profoundly non-monastic and non-contemplative society. To adopt profound and esoteric contemplative practices without sufficient context is highly problematic. What is being given in a traditional manner may not be received in a traditional manner.

These esoteric teaching have to make sense within our culture, within our own mind.

Merely adopting another’s tradition and culture isn’t our way; it’s someone else’s way.

We need a proper foundation – or, more accurately, atmosphere – in which to practice, and have to know why we are doing something, and where we are going. It’s not a singalong!

If a tradition within a country is centuries old, the value of a practice is easily accepted. In a non-contemplative society, we have to be aware of our own psychology and that which drives us within our own culture, along with our own specific problems.

Just having a taste of Dharma will not do, and doesn’t work. Having to live in two cultures (one at home, and another at the spiritual centre), people develop split personalities, and conflict ensues.

We have to start with reason,
and that could require a shock,
rather than pseudo loving kindness.

The genuine shock of dissatisfaction and suffering
produces genuine realisation.

Genuine looking
produces genuine seeing.

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