It’s not what you think!
Confusion will dawn as wisdom.

First, we have to recognise that we are confused and dissatisfied. This honest admittance creates the necessary motivation for change to occur, to find a natural solution to just being happy. There are all sorts of meditation, but they all come down first to focusing, and then to realising that we are that which is focusing; pure consciousness, rather than whatever we think we are.

Our confusion comes from acquired thoughts that feed negative emotions which control us. Our self is merely a construct of concepts that we never question; if we are controlled by these thoughts and emotions, we are definitely not in control of ourself. 

Our mind affects our behaviour. The purpose of meditation is to control the mind and bring it to silent, pure awareness, which is our natural state. Once the mind becomes still and free of movement, we realise the empty clarity of mind essence – pure consciousness.

Meditation prevents us from losing our reality to constructs in the mind. We can always change our mind but never pure consciousness, as it’s what we truly are!

To meditate, we focus the mind in order to stop it following thoughts. For this, we simply become aware of the breath and don’t wander off. It’s that simple. When we (inevitably) become distracted by thoughts, we simply return to the breath. We can do this anytime, anywhere.

While watching the breath, 
we notice that we are aware. 

We now rest in that awareness.
Resting there, we find nothing else.
It is empty of other.

Therefore, we realise we are that empty awareness.
Pure consciousness.

We no longer follow thoughts, and simply rest in awareness. Once this awareness is realised, we have confidence that awareness/consciousness is ever present. Meditation is being awareness – anytime, anywhere. The moment awareness is recognised, we drop the recognition so that it doesn’t turn into a concept, and thus the recognition ascends into pure awareness.

We now just get on with whatever life (karma) presents to us but, in being aware, we now don’t react out of habit. We look again. In this way, we transcend the levels, and ascend towards enlightenment.

Habits will arise. Confusion and doubt will arise. Emotions will arise. These are all immediately recognised by consciousness and dissolve, because appearances and recognition are simultaneous. They are a unity. Inseparable.

Thus, confusion dawns as wisdom.
The moment we acknowledge confusion arising in the mind is the light of wisdom!
The confusion never existed.
We only believe we are confused due to others’ interpretations.

We have always been wise-beings: 
we now see that we are the light.

Homo illustratum; enlightened beings

Once we know, we can never not know.

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