The Thickening Of The Plot!

We constantly need to review the reality of how things seem at this moment. Below is a list of events that lead us awayfrom our reality. We may assume that ‘spirituality’ is the way out, and should therefore be at the top of the list but, in the beginning, it’s just an idea that has the potential to lead either to reality or sentimentality. As a result, spirituality has moved down the list, as it’s something we decide upon, as opposed to actual spirituality which is pure consciousness – the realisation of our being where no thought or conjuring occurs.

Pure consciousness
Warring –
 a state of competition or hostility between different people or groups

We are pure consciousness. When we ignore or forget this reality, we fall into ordinary consciousness and develop a feeling of self. Thoughts about me and mine follow, maintained by beliefs and the psychology of those thoughts and beliefs. Then we turn to spirituality for a way out, which can either take us back to our origin or become an organised religion. Organisations become political with inner circles, and people who want to rule. This is where our differences come to be a problem, and wars begin.

Once we realise pure consciousness,
we see through all machinations and plots.

The more we become involved, the more the plot thickens 😀

At what point does the devil step in?

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