What If We Believe In God?

If we believe in God, or communicate with those who believe in God, there is no need for separation. We all have a right to choose our path and way of life, which will ultimately lead to the same destination – our destiny.

Making a decision that our path is through God – through God consciousness – can lead to union, oneness, non-duality. It is our birthright to be free to choose what we value and how we value it. When we consider something and come to a conclusion, it’s such a wonderful feeling, with a sense of relief and acceptance.

On an esoteric level, there are no differences.

I don’t know about other countries, but in the UK, there is something called Common Law, or Natural Law. Its main tenet or theme is “Do no harm.” This is very much in keeping with living a good life and finding our way while remaining at peace.

On an exoteric level, “Do no harm” seems straightforward; we may think it means don’t hit someone :-). From an esoteric viewpoint, we do no harm in body, speech … and mind. Don’t even think it! That makes the path both challenging and practical for progress, and exemplifies why the esoteric is for the few.

At the exoteric level, there is reliance on belief, and we jog along, going up and down like everyone else. If, however, we take this teaching to heart, it becomes our way of life – and that is the esoteric level.

Our path is all about gaining confidence. Unshakeable confidence, so unshakeable that it needn’t be defended, and we are never offended. Being offended may cause harm to another’s mind, and this is where generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and wisdom come to the fore.

May belief dawn wisdom.
May confusion dawn as wisdom.
Wisdom is beyond words and names.
Happiness is beyond words and names.

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