Our Mind Has Become Our Cinema

Our thoughts and emotions are creations in our mind; it is our cinema full of projections that entertains, distracts and lulls us into dreams.

The audience is the essence of mind – pure consciousness.

When pure consciousness clings to these projections, it downgrades into an organ of perception and memories, and our mind becomes captured. Pure consciousness can never be captured – not even by us – because it isn’t a thing created. It just is. It can never be found through searching, as it is that which seeks. This is like the eyes trying to see themselves; they can only be seen in a reflection. If we want to see the quality of our consciousness, we should look into our mind and see whatever it is projecting.

For the first time in human history, we are so bombarded with images that, by the age of 16, we know everything – or think we do – while actually experiencing nothing. Our world is just a series of junk films through we live, and these are so exciting that, in actual life, we become easily bored. That is the addiction trap … “What do I do when the series ends?” More will produced for you! Sad, isn’t it?

Experiencing nothing in reality, there is nothing to live for. Our search for relief creates boredom, which is a psychological state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, is not interested in the nowness of experience, and feels pointless. This modern technological phenomenon has become our cultural dimension. Apathy and depression naturally follow, leaving us under-stimulated and craving relief through more cinema time (‘cinema’ is interchangeable with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, news … social media … sport … religion … politics …

It makes one wonder what the cause of suicide is.
A feeling of pointlessness?

There is a vital point to life, and this knowledge is being denied.
We are not here because we are an arrangement of chemicals.
We are not made to be cinema-goers.
We are here to realise what we are – in reality.

We are pure consciousness beyond consciousness.

Step outside any cinema projection and blink.
Wake up to all the senses.
Wow! Doesn’t it taste good?

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