Everything Is Complementary

Being complementary is the inseparability of the two truths: relative and ultimate.
The ultimate truth is clear seeing, or pure consciousness.
The relative truth relates to what is seen.

The two truths are like a mirror and its reflections.
We are pure consciousness obscured by the reflections of thoughts.

Once realised, these thoughts become a spontaneous reminder, as appearances and recognition are inseparable.

Everything has its opposite which is complementary; due to one, the other is known – dark/light, hot/cold, smooth/rough, left/right, empty/full, aware/unaware … these may be opposites, but they are inseparable.

If we become separated, we enter into conflict – dark v light, hot v cold, smooth v rough, left v right, empty v full, aware v unaware …

The harmony of relative and ultimate is harmony in diversity. When we humans appreciate this, we arrive at realisation. If we take sides, we remain in contradictions.

Know oneness – no conflict.

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