Like It Or Not, We Live In A Dharma World

‘Dharma’ means teaching or knowledge, and knowledge may be used for good or evil.
Everything in the universe has opposites. Knowledge is understanding both the dark and the light.

Dharma describes the origin of our reality, which is the three enlightened principles of purity, consciousness andcompassion. This is the knowledge of the wise. Its opposites are the three negative principles of attraction, repulsionand indifference: in common terms – I like, I dislike, and I don’t care. These three negative, universal principles control all physical manifestations. Attracted or repulsed by created things, we lose insight of our reality due to our indifference.

There are elements in this world that want to bring the knowledge of these principles to light – to enlighten – and there are elements in this world that serve to obscure this knowledge – to cast a shadow, to en-darken.

Common people, unaware of Dharma, are subject to the “winds of outrageous fortune”, and we pay for our ignorance.

Where are we in this Dharma picture?
That depends on our level of kindness.

There is an important element in words.
We may use the same words but, due to experience,
the meaning changes.

Knowledge can destroy, or develop into wisdom.
Ignorance cannot destroy wisdom,
but can only obscure it.

It is wisdom that destroys ignorance,
and this is why evil never succeeds.

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