The Moment Before We Think That We Are Awake

The moment before we go into our old routine, our behaviour, is the moment of ordinary, original, pure experience of pure consciousness. That is the moment when we are awake, before we start relying on memory to name and judge everything. The more familiar we become with this pure moment, the longer we stay awake, which has an effect on the following moment when our reactions and judgements kick in: recognising the moment of pure consciousness loosens those reactions and we are more measured in our responses.

It’s so simple, but we have become so complex.

When we just go straight into our old routine, we miss this moment of pure experience and, instead, delve into our play-world of projections and comments. We lose our peace as our world is full of woes.

We can give this pure moment fancy Latin or Sanskrit or Tibetan names, but ordinary, pure experience is before all those proclamations.
From Latin proclamatio(n-), from proclamare ‘to shout out’.

Shout out? You mean puff ourselves up! 😀

Ordinary, original, pure experience is so much more fun. It’s bright, fresh, inspiring, creative when needed, scary … scary? Scary in a sense of not knowing, but knowingness of pure experience is, itself, present. The moment of all possibilities and potential.

I installed a new shower … hoping it would work … turned the water back on … heard a hissing sound … a moment of confusion … emptiness … fear … can I cope? … knowledge … “That’s water, that is” … “Water inside the wall!” … blankness … emptiness … despair … knowledge … “I’ve put a screw through a pipe!” … resignation … resolve … “Do it again”!

Result: every time I have a shower, I listen, and wonder! 😀

Meditation has the same effect; in a moment, we are awake to all possibilities and potential.
Nothing is fixed, and we are ready to repair.

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