Compassion Is Compatibility

Compatibility: To be able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. Able to have a harmonious relationship; well suited. Consistent with another.
From medieval Latin compatibilis, from compati ‘suffer with’.

In order to be compatible, we have to know how another feels, and be able to adjust to their mind, rather than taking them to be an enemy. Everyone has the same pure heart, but their minds are in conflict with the minds of others.

The only way to realise happiness is to be compatible, without irritation, without an idea of how others should be. Everyone is learning at their own rate; even the Buddha couldn’t speed up this process. It is up to each individual to realise their true heart … with a little support from a compatible heart.

We all have compatible hearts.

There is little progress made
if we follow a spiritual path while remaining indifferent,
shunning others because we see them as an irritation.

Through our karmic response,
others are our teacher.

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