Can Spiritual Teachings Have An Opposite Effect?

Spiritual teachers often talk about love, compassion and carefreeness, but this can manifest as an opposite effect. Reality lies in a pure heart, rather than in ideas and theories in the mind.

We have an idea about love, compassion and carefreeness, but that isn’t the reality.

The reality of love, compassion and carefreeness is what we are, and the way in which that is displayed.

When something evolves into a doctrine – a belief that’s held and taught – people become uptight and neurotic, displaying repressed nervousness, irritability or anger; they are unable to give expression to feelings or to empathise with others who may not see the doctrine in the same way.

When the teaching becomes a doctrine to which we want to belong, we feel vulnerable as that isn’t our complete reality. Lacking in confidence and feeling insecure, we are compelled to return for more teachings, and end up in a vicious cycle of existence, going round in circles hoping that the next retreat will give us the answer 😉

If we become dependent, we lack confidence and remain subtly aggressive. What starts wars? Belief. Love, compassion and carefreeness are in abundance in the presence of true confidence. This is fearlessness and hopelessness, and we can deal with anything.

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