Uncultivated Wakefulness

The hardest thing is dropping our fixations

Through realisation of our innate nature that is the only reality, we notice that we don’t over react or panic as we once did. We stop shouting at the ‘radio’ 😀 Emptiness is standing back so that consciousness sees clearly, and is able to adapt. Then situations can be dealt with in a cool way, rather than getting overheated.

The interesting thing is that the same goes for pleasant situations; we don’t over react. This might sound disconcerting as we may expect to feel elated and happy, but there is just quiet satisfaction in a cool way. The satisfaction drops away as there is always the next moment to deal with.

We may appear to be a cold and unmoving person, but the warmth is there, just not an ostentatious way, not dressed up to impress.

Uncultivated wakefulness isn’t being something that we are not. We are a rich rawness. We have explored our self and let go of any hint of a pretence of being wise.

Result = uncultivated relaxation.
Life can be fruitful;
we just have to arrived at a conclusion sooner rather than later.

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