Who Knows The Truth?

This isn’t about whoever believes the truth or has read about the truth.
Who actually knows, experiences and realises the truth?

The point is that we cannot say, “I do.”
Saying anything can never be the truth.
The truth is beyond words, but we use words to approximate the truth.

It is the knowingness itself that is the truth.
It’s not what is known; it’s pure awareness before judgment sets in.

‘Who’ is a claim, saying “I know!”
The question should be, “What knows the truth?”
It must be pure awareness, before a who is aware of the question.
Before “I know” is just knowingness, full of potential.

Pure awareness or pure consciousness comes before a name such as ‘God’.
This is how we misunderstand, and turn everything upside down.
We could say that the silence of pure knowingness is God.

We are not sinners; we merely misunderstand.
It is being aware of this misunderstanding that is the absolute truth
– the inseparability of dark and light

If so, then the same goes for the ‘Devil’,
which is just another name for not knowing.

The Devil within us thinks it knows.
The God consciousness within us knows it knows.

The same goes for thinking we are Buddhists;
we think we know, but the essence of Buddhism is knowingness itself.

We (consciousness) do not have to believe in anything to know.
Never believe in yourself;
know your self.

The divine spark is the light in our heart and mouth.

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