Belief Keeps Us In The Dark

In belief, we are kept in a duality.
The danger of belief is that it separates us, and is the cause of conflict.

This is why the yoga of ‘one taste’ is so important: the word ‘yoga’ means union.
What is one taste?
It is non-duality.
What is non-duality?
It is the first instant of experience, before we decide, judge and take sides.
It is the pure emptiness of cognisance.

In non-duality of pure consciousness, hot and cold, left and right, red and blue, heaven and hell do not exist, as these definitions come a moment later. When we miss the moment of spontaneous presence, we enter a psychological world of stagnation.

Words are significant to the right person at the right time, as those words have meaning for that individual. People want to know the answer to something, but that answer is only applicable to them at that moment as it is never the complete answer.

Long ago, we were encouraged to believe. Once we believe in one thing, we then believe in everything, and we lose our sense of reality, our sense of knowingness.

Belief keeps us in the dark.
Knowingness is the light.

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