Being Happy Being Me

‘Me’ or ‘self’ is an identity in the mind; it’s what we think we are. This identity comes from experiences that consciousness takes as concrete and real. These experiences create brain pathways (our hard drive) that become our second nature, our pattern of behaviour. The mind is the software of experiencing, running around trying to holding it all together and feeling pressurised. All the while, pure consciousness – the true intelligence – is the light that shines on everything.

And so, we have a pattern of behaviour, like it or not. This pattern is karma, which is the way we work now, due to previous experiences. If we do nothing to change our behaviour, the same karma will reinforce itself and we will continue to identify with a ‘me’, a tag that causes suffering as we try to hold it all together.

Belief in a fixed self-identity causes constant battles with others’ karmic behaviour, and is the cause of suffering. We have been stuck in the mud, fighting with others for time out of memory.

To even be considering this
means the battle is coming to an end.
The battle is now uncovering and washing off the mud of fixations.

Once we recognise this karmic behaviour, we have something to work with. We have a tool on the path to enlightenment. It’s personal. Again, once we see why we get uptight, we then realise how others get up tight. We are all in the mud of confusion together, but it is for the individual to decide that enough is enough, and climb out.

My ‘I’ doesn’t work properly due to doubt and lack of experiences. It is so bad that it’s obvious, and this is the glimmer of light that has always been present throughout life. That light of consciousness sees why this self never got on in life, or fitted in with worldly views.

Be happy never to be led by the nose again
– and it’s such a relief not to have an I.D. tag.Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 09.13.46

My self is a bodger, and in realising this, I don’t have to be perfect – just serviceable! ‘Bodging’ refers to a job done of necessity, using whatever tools and materials come to hand and which, whilst not necessarily elegant, is nevertheless serviceable.

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