God Is Merely Our Pure Consciousness

God is merely our pure consciousness.
Heaven is our very essence.

There is nothing out there that’s not here!

Why would anyone create God out there? The answer is that humans are easily led to believe and become addicted, creating dependency on God’s prophets, advisors and spokesmen. We are all suckers for a good story, as it entertains the mind. There you go – the deviation, the misdirection, the slight of hand.

Claims that “God spoke to me” or “God is acting through me” makes the claimant appear special; sometimes an organisation needs a figure head to bring people together.

In truth, we are all special to the extent that we are ordinary. We are enlightened essence, pure consciousness, but we look elsewhere for our reality. By making a thing or a person holy – something that we have to believe in – we make anyone who does not believe into an evil in that society. They are a disbeliever.

There is always a crack in the believers’ narrative that does not make sense. Religion is anything to which we bind ourselves, and can enhance either spiritual realisation or political coercion through hierarchies that exploit the divisions between people. The issue of religion is extremely important because it affects the entire world – including the world of the non-believers.

Absolute consciousness needs nothing. It just is. What we then do is down to both our understanding and our skilful means.

Creation is a natural occurrence in the universe due to the three laws of attraction, repulsion and indifference that we fall under, through ignorance. Our absolute nature is pure, compassionate consciousness that transcends these laws. It all depends on whether we choose the red or blue pill – the choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth, or remaining in contented ignorance.

God is our highest being,
which is consciousness that is unadulterated.
Utterly complete.

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