The Pursuit Of Wisdom

The word ‘pursuit’ is misleading as it indicates looking for something, and that turns us away subtly from our reality – the actual seeing.

As long as we are looking, we will forget seeing.
It is the unbiased seeing, before we take sides, that is the author of wisdom.
Once seeing is recognised, we drop it so as to not contaminate that seeing with judgements.
Wisdom is the silence of pure knowingness, pure awareness, pure consciousness.
We are the wisdom that we seek.

Free speech is necessary, as it tells us who the idiots are 🙂 We all know when someone’s trying to influence us, as there is always a crack in their rhetoric. They want us to believe them, and belief turns us away from the truth that we are already the wisdom that we seek.

This is the same as ‘the pursuit of happiness’. Pursuit means ‘following after’, and this takes the edge off pure experience; we are already quite content as pure consciousness. If we didn’t know that we are already happy and wise, how would we recognise that happiness and wisdom? ‘Recognition’ means to know again, to remember.

The mischief in the world looks like truth, but is deliberately incomplete.
As long as we are looking, we will never realise that which is seeing.

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