Everything Is A Display In The Mind

Everything that we experience is witnessed in the mind by consciousness. We are consciousness, pure and simple. What else can we be? Thoughts are merely transient impressions. If consciousness identifies with these impressions, we become caught and held … until we let go. If we don’t let go, we are sentenced to stay that way, believing everything to be absolutely real.

There are many theories about truth, but these are all ideas to which we relate. Absolute truth is that which sees these relative impressions. That is pure consciousness.

Once we understand how the mind works – being governed by attraction, repulsion and indifference – that very understanding creates empathetic compassion through generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and, ultimately, transcendent wisdom. That wisdom is by virtue of pure consciousness. We can realise pure consciousness first, and then the other qualities come into play naturally. That is the Dzogchen way.

Belief is accepting something to be real or true without proof. If we accept the impressions in the mind as being real, we will remain deluded by beliefs.

Why is the fact that everything we experience is displayed in the mind so important? Because we stop believing it all to be true, and take a softer approach to everyone – and ourselves.

In other words, we smile more.

It’s a stupid world.
When we realise this, everything makes sense.

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