And The Truth Is Upsetting

The truth will set us free
– but not everyone at the same time.

When we realise our true nature, it’s such a relief from all the elaborate nonsense going on in the world.

Not knowing the truth of our being, it stands to reason that this lack of knowledge affects our entire life. If we don’t realise our pure essence, we live in darkness, simply going through the motions of living. We may do very ‘well’ for ourselves, but who are we trying to impress?

Talk about consciousness to people, and their eyes glaze over, avoiding the subject ā€¦ and us ā€¦ and returning to mundane familiarities.

Consciousness is the elephant in the room!
It’s always present and no one sees it.
This is why people cannot wake up.

The truth of this situation in which we live is very unnerving. All those around us – our parents, family, friends, work colleagues, people in the media – live and die without knowing what they are, and they’re satisfied with that. Even spiritual people may only live vicariously through dogma, and just become very good at repeating words.

This is why compassion is so challenging,
as we have to keep our still centre
while chaos and confusion is all around.

The world is the teacher of all phenomena
which reminds us of both the illusion that’s holding it all together,
and that which is observing this.

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