Something Not Right?

Something not right?
How do we know that?

There is only one reason: perfect consciousness is the ever-present, innate blueprint of life. When we ignore this for something more interesting, we wander off-plan. The plan is that consciousness has the ability to realise its perfect nature, but few talk about consciousness and the plan.

Where did the plan come from? It’s innate in every sentient being, but we’ve been persuaded to ignore it, being deceived by others’ plans. There is an assumption that consciousness is something we have when, in truth, it’s what we are. This is nothing esoteric or special. The esoteric moment is total absorption within non-dual awareness, finally leading to enlightenment.

If we want a better world,
it will be achieved through this realisation
– that consciousness is what we are –
rather then applying more rules.

True realisation will maintain a balanced, unselfish world.
We won’t be persuaded to take more than we need.
We won’t need intercessors = marketing experts.

Being dependent on intercessors is why it’s all gone against nature.
Knowing that something is wrong is the key.
See … and trust it.

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