The Esoteric Isn’t In A Book

The written word is exoteric, available to be read by anyone. It is frozen knowledge from the past, and has no life to it.

The esoteric is the direct experience of whatever occurs. It is fresh, mindful knowledge in the moment now, and is full of life.

It doesn’t matter whether we think, “I don’t understand it” or “I understand it”; this is exoteric intellectualisation. The exoteric is the scholarly baggage that we all carry around which makes us feel either proud or a failure and, as such, is a monstrous trap. These self-judgements are merely ideas that we cling to that govern our lives.

What is the esoteric?
The esoteric has nothing to do with mystery. It is about our true being of pure consciousness.

Esoteric: from Greek esōterikos, from esōterō, comparative of esō ‘within’.

When awareness is aware of that which asks the question “What is this?”, we have simply arrived at the esoteric. It’s not complicated, secret knowledge, as some with their nonsense symbols would have us believe; this actually has the opposite effect of turning people off from realising their true reality.

What is a mystery?
Why have people accepted that they don’t know?

Real answer:
There are those who don’t want us to know.

Is your knowledge direct or hearsay?
When we know, we are free.

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