Let’s Keep It Simple

Sit for a moment. Relax. Be one with the senses and the elements … breathe air … see light … smell odour/scent … taste flavour … feel touch. These are our direct connection with the world, before we start judging and becoming distracted. Being one with the breath seems to be the gold standard 🙂

We then become aware of that which is aware of the senses. Realise: we have always been one with awareness, as we are that awareness which is uncontaminated.

The world is driven by confusion, turmoil, sickness and manipulation.
Even a Buddha can’t change that.

We cannot change the world,
but we can change our reactions and attachments to it.

All we can do is take note of what is happening, and be prepared as best we can, without making a big deal out of everything. Unless we can follow a sequence of events – both externally and internally – we will never understand our true reality.

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