Does The Past Exist Now?

Yes – through our karma. ‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word for the residue of past actions lodged in our mind that creates our habitual re-enactments such as, “There ‘I’ go again”. This is why most of us are predictable; we keep reliving the past, and it colours all our actions … now.

‘Samsara’ is the Sanskrit word for the vicious cycle of existence. We go round in circles, and up and down … never realising how much we know.

How do we get out of this conundrum, this riddle?

Recognise it, and stop re-enacting. Stop dragging up the past. Cut it dead, and only bring it up when it’s truly necessary. Gradually, through the practice of meditation, the effects of the past recede, and we begin to realise new inspirations, new potentials, a new ‘us’, as old ideas that limited experience drop away, and we realise how much we know!

We are no longer dependent on others’ views. When all ideas have dropped away – even for a moment – we experience pure awareness, which is the effect of pure consciousness.

Until perfect enlightenment,
the past is always here in some form.

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