The Opposite Of Absolute Is Limited

The opposite of the word ‘absolute’ is the word ‘limited’.
This is why we speak of absolute truth and relative/limited truth.
One is our true reality, and the other is our conventional reality.
An absolute reality is complete freedom. A relative reality is partial.

Absolute: Not being dependent on anything else = non-duality.
Relative: Relating to something else = duality.

Non-duality is just seeing, pure seeing, pure consciousness, no seer, no time delay.
Duality is constantly relating to things – me and the object – requiring time to judge whether good or bad.

We need a little I or ego to function, but when the ego – which consciousness clinging to concepts – becomes overwhelming, we (consciousness) lose all sense of absolute reality. The middle way is not too tight and not too loose.

The test is noticing this, and re-addressing the balance.
Ordinarily, we swing in large strokes like a weapon.
Gradually, the swinging reduces until it is imperceptible.

Evolution is from coarse to fine.

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