Communication Is Everything

Communication is a meeting of minds.
If we do not communicate,
we have little or no empathy.

The point of life
is to understand and communicate.

What else is there?

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  1. Wind says:

    I must stop and listen to what you have to say because deep down I recognize the same humanity in you. I realize that on the surface level we all seems so different with our warts and all, including our vast opinions and ideas. Yet on the deeper level we aren’t all that different after all. Suffering and sadness can connect many of us, but we must be willing to stop and listen genuinely.

    Where is the pain coming from and is there any way we can help “others” with that, instead of judging, blaming and attacking them? It’s all ego games. Only if we connect with heart we can truly see and feel. It requires openness and vulnerability, yet without it there’s no true connection.

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