Mindfulness isn’t a play-act,
and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Mindfulness is being aware of whatever we do, say and think, rather than going through life mechanically, just reacting to everything. Being mindful is to cause no harm to ourselves or anyone else. This is mind training.

Mindfulness means we are being more precise and complete in every action. But we mustn’t whip ourselves for being a little untidy ā€“ speaking as one whose enthusiasm leaves a few tools lying around because of many repairs on the go ā€¦ šŸ˜€

Mindfulness is being methodical with problems that arise, tracing an effect back to its cause. In fact, mindfulness is enlightening, fun and truly satisfying. It mean that we can solve our own problems – and save money.

That’s it ā€¦ mindfulness saves money!

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