Suffering From Glorious, Overwhelming, Common Sense

Common sense is common to all of us,
and is something innate:
it is pure consciousness perceiving through the senses of a body.

What we then do, as an individual, expresses through our individual understanding. The fact is, we have all experienced every thought and emotion possible, and whether we act upon these or not is also an individual choice.

When we see a child fall or an animal suffering, we all have the same immediate response = care. Then comes the thought, “It’s not my child or animal – it’s someone else’s responsibility”. (Many years ago – before mobile phones – I personally witnessed people walking by a man lying against a wall moaning, maybe assuming he was drunk. He wasn’t. I had to pick him up and carry him a hundred yards to an office block to call for an ambulance.)

Inside, we all care, but fear inhibits us from using our common sense and acting upon it.

There is nothing higher than ‘common sense’.

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