Some Days, I Feel Extremely Angry

If we are not outraged about the response to global dictatorship by unelected plutocrats, then we are merely part of a confused, insecure herd.

Historically, this dictatorship has always been a war on consciousness and, to do that, manipulators have to be subtle, experimenting here and there to see the effect. They think long-term, so that we don’t notice the restrictions happening around us.

Creating stupid humans is quite easy; keep people in gossip-mode by giving them religious / chemical / news / entertainment / digital comforters.

When we realise extremely subtle pure consciousness, we see that this war is based on illusions.
I get angry because news ‘broadcasters’ pump out distractions daily, so that the gossip continues.

Remember, anger is mirror-like wisdom.

In the first moment of seeing something is askew,
there is pure consciousness.
What we do then will depend on our wisdom … or lack thereof 🙂 .

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  1. I’m glad to hear you say this, Tony. 20 something years ago I read somewhere that the “enlightened” did not experience anger. This was a huge roadblock because every time I got angry I would think “See how you are? You’ll never be enlightened.” This is a great disservice to someone just starting out, in my opinion, and it should be made clear that someone who is “enlightened” can still experience all the same emotions they always have, but they are no longer seen as problematic.

    The way I found to be a peace with it was to look at the example of Jesus Christ when he found the temple full of money changers and overturned all their tables. Was he angry? I would say yes, very much so. Did the Buddha get angry? I don’t know-I’ve never heard if he did or didn’t, and that’s part of the problem.

    Thanks for listening.


    • tony says:

      Hello Allen,
      All the ‘negative’ emotions are wisdoms in the very first instant. The mind brightened up! What’s this!?

      We all have personal paths. There is nothing wrong with passion, thank goodness. 🙂


    • Wind says:

      My thoughts too. When the potato heads that be are once again trying to drive us towards fears of a global war, how to feel about that indeed? What would Jesus or Buddha do? Calmly accept it or would tables be flipped? I like what Martin Luther said though; “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

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