Grasping At Straws

A drowning person will grab at any flimsy reed, or idea. If we don’t know what life is about, we will cling to beliefs. Ignorant of our true reality, we hold on to a flimsy idea of self.

The silence on this matter is deafening, and deliberate. A sheep/self-image will spend its entire life fearing the wolf/news, only to be eaten by the shepherd/plutocrats.

Why do we fear?
No clear instruction; only disinformation.

We are pure consciousness, free of all sheepish ideas
– it’s that feeling of embarrassment at a lack of self-confidence.

As long as we ignore this one truth,
we will clutch at straws/others’ facts.

The enlightened last straw*:
the moment before the Buddha became enlightened,
he was attacked by extreme desire and aversion.

Even though we may be having a bad time,
it may be the last!

*The last in a series of unpleasant things that happen to make someone very upset, angry, etc.

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