Nihilism – Misunderstanding Objectiveness

Nihilismthe belief that nothing in the world has a real existence, and that life is meaningless.

We must be careful when we repeat text on negation (known as Madhyamika) that cancels everything out and finds nothing left. This can be misunderstood and can lead to extremism, bordering on nihilism.

There is no self as that is a designation for a collection of ideas, but there is that which is perfectly conscious. Although everything is said to be emptiness, still there is a consciousness aware of emptiness.

If we go too far in negating, we may find that we lack empathy, thinking others do not exist and therefore ignoring their suffering.

We can refute the existence of external phenomena and a perceiving mind since both are equally lacking in inherent existence, being mere concepts/illusions – but what is it that is refuting? 🙂

Be happy to be alive, and wish the same for others.
With support, we will become enlightened.

Death of a moment is another new beginning.

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