A Lack Of Empathy

If we take a side, we jump to conclusions and therefore lack empathy as we’re not looking behind the story. We become so partial (unbalanced) and divided (competitive) that empathy for others goes out of the window. In our hearts, we want to agree, but our mind fears. As long as we remain unenlightened, our views will depend on the sort of background we come from, and it is this that separates us. It’s natural.

We have all experienced every emotion possible, and understanding that gives rise to empathy – or it should do. Everyone needs support, and to be served by those with empathy and confidence.

Interestingly, when we look up the word ‘serve’ in the dictionary, it comes from the Latin servus – ‘slave’, and means a willingness to serve or please.

“We who are strong bear with the shortcomings of the weak,
and not to please ourselves.”
– Romans 15.1

A lack of confidence or empathy cannot serve anyone.

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