If Life Is Self-Replicating

If life is self-replicating, what is the need for a creator?

Was there a start to this self-replicating, or has it being happening forever, in an infinite universe?

Life is consciousness, but if consciousness mistakes creation as being someone else’s work, it belittles our taking responsibility for whatever happens to us. This confused consciousness is desperate to survive through fear, and through hope that someone will make it better, while ignoring its own power to realise its true reality.

Self-replicating is another word for karma = we get more of the same.

Realisation is consciousness understanding
that creation has nothing to do with pure consciousness.

Creation is an illusion,
a re-creation for those who do not know their true reality.

We only belong here to realise that we don’t belong here:
there are more refined dimensions.

In the meantime, we can be of benefit to one another,
rather than causing harm.

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