What Is The Purpose Of Life?

Our definitions may differ. That’s okay, as we all have our individual story to unwrap.

Throughout life, we conformed to others’ standards, which may not be totally satisfactory but we put up with it as we don’t know anything better. After years of so-called ‘spiritual’ endeavour, the answer may be, “Not this, not this”. Everyone is just mimicking a doctrine of some sort, which might be clever but is uninspiring.

Monkey see, monkey do
– but does monkey know?

When we stop following – or rather, believing – there is a wobbly moment where we are on our own. We may give up and go back to others’ standards, or give up and really let go. Change occurs when we come to a conclusion through testing the essence of teachings, rather than relying on make-believe. We have every right to challenge the teachings. It’s why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; test it.” When we realise that we cannot come up with anything better, the relief is beyond words!

To say ‘pure consciousness’ again is pointless;
it’s more being the moment, rather than being in the moment.
And that sounds like a cliché. 🙂

People can make all sorts of claims, but the moment of knowing is the key: it cannot be pretentious.
It is not something we can claim in order to be admired, but is a knowingness that becomes more and more precise.

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