All We Need To Know

All we need to know is what we are, and then everything makes sense.
We are pure consciousness.
Everything else – including self – is an illusion.

Pure consciousness knows. Mind repeats memories. Brain stores. Body carries. Life is karma.

Karma teaches us the way home to pure enlightenment. By realising our mistakes, we learn. Our biggest mistake is believing what we are, as opposed to knowing what we are.

Self is an intellectual construct, where everything is believed to be real and everlasting. As we get older, life becomes shorter, and it’s easier to see the revolving illusions and their effects.

Do not believe in the Buddha or any teacher; realise what they meant. Belief is the trap, and is the reason why we only live in hope.

The Buddha realised the Vedas = not two.
That is here, right now.
It’s all we need to know.
Appearance and realisation are simultaneous.

Mere belief makes us seem foolish.
In realisation, illusions speak to us.

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