Levels Of Awareness

Being aware: we are aware of whatever we are doing, which is a duality – me + activity
Being aware of being aware: meditation, which is a duality – me + stillness
Being awareness itself: our original state of non-duality – no me, just awareness of activity

Awareness goes where attention goes. It focuses. This is where we can become distracted, if we are unaware.
When not focused, it is either vacancy or panoramic vision, where we are in a state of not knowing or we take in everything at once.

“Being aware of being aware” is a stage to realising non-duality of being pure awareness.

In daily life, when awareness is placed at the point of contact, that is where awareness goes. That’s where we are.
If it is placed where a tool is in contact with the point of activity, that is where we are.
If awareness is placed on a thought, that is where we are.

If we hold on to the tool or thought, this interferes with the next moment.

Being awareness itself is being consciousness itself.
At its highest level, it is pure awareness, pure consciousness.

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