Having Compassion for Evil?

Before you start raving and screaming at this statement ;-), this is about protecting your mind. If you are already righteously smouldering, you are already in the clutches of evil, and have contaminating your own mind. The marvellous thing about Buddhism is that it takes everything apart, and on closer inspection, you realise it’s not what you thought!

Having ‘compassion for evil’ does not mean having love for evil. It means understanding and knowing the nature of evil, therefore not getting sucked in. That is what evil wants…our reaction. This does not mean we just sit and do nothing.

There are many levels of evil, but they all revolve around ‘self pleasure’: “I want what I want”. As there are many levels of evil, so there are many levels of compassion. We are talking about the path of deception and path of perception – the relative path and the absolute path.

Let me put your mind at rest: we do have to combat evil! Here, we are talking about how we go about it. There is relative compassion and absolute compassion – relative bodhichitta and absolute bodhichitta. Before we can have relative compassion on a conventional level we must understand the absolute level of compassion. Without this understanding, compassion gets very sticky!

In order to understand anything, we must study, reflect and engage. Compassion is challenging so we need a clear mind, or it (we) could turn nasty! Do you think the evil think of themselves as evil?

Once we genuinely realise our true being, which is empty essence, and cognisant nature, unconfined compassion naturally arises. Then, anything that appears in the mind is recognised as wisdom. When empty essence, cognisant nature, and unconfined compassion are forgotten, wisdom is clouded and we are back in a relative existence. This is what evil wants…

The difference is that once we see clearly, we recognise the weakness of giving in to self aggrandisement: without that clarity, we become the weakness.

The simple answer is to remain in empty essence, and then anything that appears is clearly seen, and in itself, is a reflection of empty essence. To use a metaphor, it is like a mirror noticing the dust on its own surface. But let’s be reasonable: we ain’t always there! So we have to be aware of the effect of reacting in the mind, and the tensions and scattered energies in our own physical and subtle body.

To engage with evil activity – which is ego-orientated – we must use Buddha activity, which is pacifying, magnetising, enriching and destroying. See- https://buddhainthemud.com/2013/01/15/wisdoms-and-demons/
The alternative is demon activity. See – https://buddhainthemud.com/2013/01/15/wisdoms-and-demons/


Don’t lose your mind to evil.
It’s what evil wants…poverty of mind and body.
Speak no evil, think no evil, do no evil.

When our conduct is non-aggressive,
our essence emptiness
and our actions compassionate,
no evil can harm us.

But we can do much for evil
in showing it compassion.


It’s what you would want, isn’t it?







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