‘Being’ locked in the mind

This is our essential being imprisoned in our thoughts, thus creating a totally neurotic world. Can’t possibly happen? It is precisely what is happening. This is the confused state in which we live.

Partial and confused ideas are pumped into us when we were young, and we then spend the rest of our lives in confused assumptions. How many people do you know who have an original, clear thought?

It is because of this confusion that we get angry and blame others, which turns back on us and we then blame ourselves…. That is the locked-in syndrome of the mind.

There are two approaches to solving this. One is to let it run its natural course, which means it will only get worse, like an uncontrolled headless chicken running around bumping into things. The other approach is to identify the problem and face up to it, which is painful and takes guts, but means that the process of undoing the lock has started.

It’s all about opening the ‘lock’ of the mind!

Firstly we have to recognise that we are suffering.
Secondly we have to recognise the cause of that suffering.
Thirdly we have to find a method to relieve that suffering.
Fourthly we have to apply the method that relieves the suffering.

If you are reading this, you have already recognise that you are suffering.

Now we have to look at the cause of suffering: ‘I am’!

“I have identified with the thoughts in my mind so strongly that I believe them to be me. They now rule my life, and ruin everyone else’s 😉 Remember: we are all involved and it is painful and takes guts.

However, just knowing this is not enough, because we then have to find a method to release ourselves. And – most importantly of all – we have to apply that method.

The method is understanding meditation. Understanding is the quick release. If we don’t understand, we are just playing mental games, and creating more confusion. Meditation is not a life-style activity: we must resolve that the real is within the unreal.

Freedom is the release from the prison of mental torments in the mind.







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  1. crestedduck says:

    I suffer the effects of having compassion every single day of my life. Having actually taken time and effort to admit there were skeletons and mysteries to be solved hiding in my closet. Having broken everything down and identified each thing and nhow it got there, I became empty essence, and returned to my natural GOD created self with my unique DNA and gifts, be that some are still stiffled by forces out of my control.
    Having compassion exploding outward once again, just can not , not try to help others see through the lies and delusional illusions that have been created to hurt, control, and vampire their individual soul energy.
    I am really happy inside, have zero fear of death, and am totally content with my accomplishments and/or lack of accomplishment in aiding the negative forces here on earth!
    I also spend much time in meditation and prayer, be it a lot of short periods…….but I am down with the whole/every program and understand more deeply, and see things others do not, because of DNA and GOD given gifts.
    If my blatant honesty bothers someone/anyone…well….the spirit of truth stings every once in a while when it slaps someone into reality ! And I will never ever feel ashamed ,or fear, for speaking the truth as I personally from experience know, and understand it to be, no matter how un-politically correct those words may be !

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