Take a look at yourself…

Looking at the image ‘we’ have created over a very long period of time and call ourself means that something is aware of something else. We – our true nature, absolute reality or pure awareness – decided to cling to a “graven image” of our true nature, creating a duality.

It’s interesting how we, as humans, can transfer idolisation onto something external…

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”.
Graven image; an inscription or image on a surface. To fix something indelibly in the mind.
‘Idolatry’; the worship of idols (or images) including the worship of polytheistic gods, created things (trees, rocks, animals, astronomical bodies, or another human being) and the use of idols in the worship of God.

Nowadays we have “Pop idols”!

As a Buddhist, one could read the word ‘God’ to mean our true nature (non duality), rather than something ‘out there’, which would be a duality. In Buddhism, we can see for ourselves; it is not a belief in something that we cannot see which has control over us. As a Buddhist, it does make one wonder at the bible. Is it true? Was it a mistake? Was it mistranslated? Was there an intention to make people feel inadequate, and thereby have control over them? All this is for you to decide.

Buddhism would see “Put no graven image in front you” as our belief in our created illusory self; our graven image superimposed on to our true nature.

Take a look at yourself…

We can acknowledge that we have a temporary personality: this is a second nature, not a first nature, and may be pleasing or displeasing to ourselves and others, but for now, we – and they – are stuck with it. If we try and change, we only develop another ‘personality’.

Change comes by dissolving our contrived and acquired personality from a sleeping Buddha to an awakened Buddha. That’s all.

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