Mara Is Reliable

The word ‘mara’ is a Sanskrit word for the demonic activity of selfishness in the mind, which is manifested out of ignorance of our true nature of pure compassionate awareness. Mara is expressed by our likes and dislikes, which prism into pride, jealousy, fear, anger…

Using the word ‘demon’ belittles what is actually taking place, by conjuring up religious fantasy images which externalise this activity. Mara is not an occasional manifestation: it’s our own likes and dislikes…and therefore, everyone else’s! It’s all around us: we live in collective mara activity.

As we are all beings with enlightened potential, we are constantly subjugated or overcome by negativity because we are still sentient. Listen to any conversation; it’s all about projection. All about me.

We may say, “Well, goodness is reliable”, but goodness is a relative term and still has a little mara-added-value. In writing this, aren’t I showing what I’ve come up with? I like it – and so does mara! This is something we live with. Thinking, “I am a spiritual person and so I’m good” is an idiotic fantasy.

Now for the twist…
If we are honest, we can have fun with mara activity, and not be overpowered by guilt.
Now that’s compassion.
Mara activity cannot help itself: being aware of this is compassionate goodness.
Now that’s reliable.

It is the recognition of mara that is our reliable path.

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