Recognising The Nature Of Mind

Sometimes the mind is occupied (excited) and sometimes vacant (dull): both are due to an indifference towards the pure quality of knowing awareness of the mind itself, empty of ornamentation.

Did you miss it? That was the pointing out instruction!

Merely look into this indifference, note and remain in silence. We are that pure, silent awareness. It has no name or description. It notes various elaborations arising in the mind – concepts and emotions that trap us – simply notes these and remains in silence. Remaining in silent awareness is the nature of mind. Just recognise and know.

As sentient beings, the empty nature of mind enables cognition, consciousness, perception, thought, judgement and memory to take place. It can remain in total absorption or manifest through empathy to engage in compassionate activity.

The pure nature of mind is absolute reality, pure being, non dual, unchanging as there is no thing to change. When it relates to itself, its environment and others, this relating is relative reality, conventional reality, a duality, and changeable due to causes, and therefore illusory.

The only ‘adornment’ we need is emptiness.

It’s not something we carry around; we walk around in emptiness, with the potential to realise that we are that vast emptiness.

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