Corporate Tyranny
Building a scary, ugly, evil world.

The Buddha woke up to what was going on around him, and created the DHARMA to end suffering. We cannot remain silent about things that matter.

Corporate tyranny = deliberate confusion and slavery, taking away freedom.
Corporations have rights: people do not.

Requiem For The American Dream: Noam Chomsky
How corporations do not want people to think for themselves or have any say.

Brexit: The Movie (The European Union)
How unelected politicians do not want people to think for themselves or have any say. The decision made here will affect generations to come.

The scariest thing all this is that these films tell you exactly what is going on, and corporations and politicians dob’t mind as long as the majority believe what they are told to believe.

What can we do?

Small positive deeds accumulate and sow seeds for a good future. Good deeds will counteract negative deeds – that is inevitable! It’s inevitable because a lie gets its power from the element of truth it contains. Whatever happens, pure awareness (the only reality) is always present. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as individuals in a collective, we have a part to play in creating a better future for others. The Kali Yuga is like everything else: it will not last for ever!

This the way of a Bodhisattva.

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  1. su says:

    Kali Yuga, like everything else will not last forever. My rather visionary father told me to wait in this lifetime and I would See everything I wanted to See. He said it often. To my Mom and sister as well. I have waited. When he died he gave me his watch and said “Time sometimes makes all the difference.” This is the time I have been waiting for. I See the Light of the Future.

  2. marcel says:

    heaven, nirvana is as much an illusion as samsara…

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