The Opposite To Freedom is Captivity
The question is, “What are we being captivated by?”

The answer is thoughts – our thoughts and the thoughts of others. Thought underlies actions. Thoughts are preconceived ideas from the past, and these same ideas are projected into the future: it’s a continuum of preconceptions. We are captivated by preconceived programming – the origin of ‘programme’ is ‘before written’ – and are so accustomed to this that we become dependent upon it. We do not have an original thought. We have accepted this programming: ‘self’ is a programmed projection, and that is why we are suffering, ill at ease, dissatisfied, disappointed.

We can try to blame others, but it is we who accepted the appointment, the arrangement, the position we are in now. So, what to do? How do we get out of this captivity?

Don’t give it another thought.”
Meditation is freedom from dependency and addiction!

First, we see what is happening in the mind. Then we don’t give it another thought. Thoughts will arise by themselves due to karma. If we react to a past thought, we merely keep the programme running.

Thoughts are karmic products from the past: we note them but do not hold on to them. Now we are free … sort of. Until enlightenment – which means to be completely free from any agenda – we will have desires and aversions, but gradually they grow less. Freedom is fun because we don’t take anything seriously. enjoying every moment and letting it go, as there is the next moment.

“We may not have an original thought” … but we can put these thoughts together in an original way.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “We may not have an original thought” … but we can put these thoughts together in an original way.~~~~
    God keeps showing me through other people , and myself, that according to his natural laws that there are two EGO’s we’re all dealing with. 1~ the lower mind reptilian/survivalist mind EGO, 2~the higher mind spiritual/righteousness EGO.
    Enlightenment is the lower minds greatest disappointment, enlightenment is also higher minds greatest accomplishment ……
    That’s also the relative and absolute truth of the subject of the EGO !
    So… was it my original thought and personal epiphiny , or just rearrangement of all my experiences/learned knowledge in a much more easily understandable and personally usefull manner ?
    I’ve always just been a seeker of the simple truth and unconditional love,consistently throughout my whole life !

    • tony says:

      Clarity is a personal epiphany -a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation. Ah ha! This happens because we have joined up the dots through study and experience.

      Of course we will interpret experiences in our own way, depending on our backgrounds and tradition we follow, and so we may use language slightly differently.

      As you say it all comes down to awareness of unconditional love, and unconditional love knows what you mean!

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