Unlocking Our Full Potential

Our current potential is limited by our fixation on the way that we see things. We don’t just see: we have bias.

Our absolute potential is the actual clarity of seeing itself: it is not dependent on the way that we see things.

We note, however, that we still have a bias, and this is the key to unlocking our full potential. We have no fear of deconstruction because, in emptiness, everything is our teacher. There is a constant rebirth, therefore we can reconstruct at any moment to meet the present requirements. As an example: if, when explaining something, the other person doesn’t understand, then we ask questions in order to reconstruct a clarification.

Instead of fearing life – which is a product of karma – we look more closely and objectively into that karma, and we can face anything. It’s being honest about our bias, and so the actual clarity of seeing itself frees us. As an example: we doesn’t have to fight a situation. Sometimes, silence is golden.

There is the danger of becoming caught in extremes of being dependent, and being independent. The relative and the absolute have to work together. We have to function within this human system, which is the path to our full potential.

It’s simply being honest with ourself.

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