The Purpose Of Mind Training
is to clear the mind of nonsense thoughts.

Unconsciously, we bought into collective thinking, and so, abandoned free choice. Even though we may recognise this, if this information is not turned into practicality, we remain enslaved, and unaware of the wisdom and joy of inner knowledge.

If, after meditating for many years, we still are distracted and governed by thoughts, then we are not meditating correctly – if at all. It is so easy to acquire information without putting that information into practice and start caring about others more than ourselves.

The purpose of meditation is clarity of mind and mind essence. When that clarity is revealed, there is neither mind nor essence to be found. Nothing can harm the clarity of emptiness. Ultimate happiness is the state that no relative force can disturb.

That is the purpose of mind training; skilful discipline.

Skill: ORIGIN late Old English scele ‘knowledge’, from Old Norse skil: ‘discernment, knowledge’.

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