Just Experience And Put Down

There is nothing wrong with desire;
it’s clinging to desire that causes heart ache.”

Nothing bothers us as much as our own mind.
Others may seem to bothers us, but it is actually our own mind.”
-Ravi Shankar

If one stays too long with friends, they will soon tire.
Living in such closeness leads to dislike and hatred.
It is but human to expect and demand too much,
when one dwells too long in companionship.”

Tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and touching are non-conceptual, neutral experiences, as no opinion is involved at the very first contact. We then determine whether an experience is either pleasant, unpleasant or neutral: as human beings, we need these faculties in order to survive.

There’s nothing wrong with the pleasant: delightful experiences in the moment are spontaneous, fresh and selfless. It is only when we linger, expect and cling, that problems arise.

Two monks were walking to town along a muddy road. They came across a young girl who couldn’t cross, due to the mud. One monk immediately picked her up and placed her down on the other side of the road. The monks walked on.

When they arrived in the town, the second monk said, “You do know that we shouldn’t have anything to do with girls, don’t you?” The first monk replied, “I put her down on the other side of the road”.

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